Volume 3 Issue 3 (March 2016)

# Article Title
1 Using GA, PSO and hybrid GA-PSO based algorithms for solving the least-cost multicast problem with QoS constraints
2 Data Preservations by Using Digital Forensic Techniques
3 Using Big Data and Business Intelligence in Health care Management
4 Solving the Pixel Puzzle under Answer Set Programming
5 Approaches to Face Challenges in Product Line Model Based Testing
6 Novel Algorithms TempCIPFP for Mining Frequent Patterns using Counting Inference from Probabilistic Temporal Databases and Future Possibilities
7 Extended Two-Phase Algorithm for Fast Discovery of High Utility Itemsets on Probabilistic Databases and Possible Application of Counting Inference Approach
8 Clustering Algorithms on Data Mining in Categorical Database
9 Opportunistic Virtual Probing Technique for Data Servers in Multi-Cloud
10 The improvement in Automation Testing to Increase Error Detection Rate in Software Testing
11 Regression Testing through Prioritization Technique on the Basis of Various Dependency Approaches
12 Fusion of Feature Selection with Symbolic Approach for Dimensionality Reduction
13 Critical Evolutions of Security Policies and their solutions of E-Business Website
14 Frequency Reconfigurable Triangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications
15 Circularly Polarized Circular Patch Antenna with Coplanar Parasitic Elements
16 The Blue Eyes Technology: Overview & Applications
17 Scrutiny of various GUI Integration Testing Tools and Initializing a Fresh Tool